6 Signs that Your Husband May Be Addicted to Pornography

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Negative Effects of Pornography Viewing

Here are some of the most common negative effects that excessive pornography use can have on a person and those around him or her.

  1. Being emotionally distant
  2. Defaulting on commitments
  3. Decreased sexual interest towards one’s spouse
  4. Decreased interest in healthy activities
  5. Poor performance at work
  6. Difficulty concentrating

Wives, ask the right questions.  Ask the hard questions.  If your husband shows any of these signs, you need to ask him about his pornography viewing habits.  Notice I did not say “if” he views pornography?  The quicker he gets help, the quicker your marriage, and you, can heal.  Be brave.



source of part of this post: http://www.feedtherightwolf.org/2010/04/my-husband-watches-porn-addicted-husband/


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